Tracy Haynes

Manager, Investor Partnerships

Tracy is the Manager, Investor Partnerships with The Atmospheric Fund (TAF).  She is focused on growing TAF’s direct investing reach by building collaborative relationships to mobilize capital for low-carbon solutions.  Tracy draws on 15 years’ experience as a policy advisor, meeting facilitator, and project manager across the public and non-profit sectors.  Prior to joining TAF, much of her work was concentrated on sustainable urban infrastructure and economic development.  Tracy’s educational background includes a master’s degree specialising in International Development from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and an International MBA from York University’s Schulich School of Business.  Tracy has a strong belief in volunteering, committing significant time and energy to assisting newly arrived migrants and refugees as well as underprivileged youth.  She also enjoys a great debate over a cup of strong coffee. 

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Day 1: Dec 2, 2020

12:30 pm

12:30 pm

Panel Discussion

Assessing the Value of Your Low-Carbon Portfolio: Is it Saving or Destroying the Planet

Investors are focused on the reduction of both direct and indirect emissions, yet most ignore third party emissions, and this could be a problem. Determine the true impact of your portfolio through a more vigilant assessment of your investments. Build a strategy to:

  • Ensure that focusing primarily on decarbonization does not miss the mark
  • Assess the space of ESG investing and whether thematic investing vs. ESG factor integration has held up best
  • Respond to the most common themes in ESG and impact investment and prepare for emerging themes
  • Understand thematic investing as a risk reducer or a return enhancer
  • Which asset classes are most prominent in low-carbon investing

Assess the value of your low-carbon portfolio to ensure you are not destroying the planet

4:15 pm

4:15 pm

Panel Discussion

Impact Investments: Ensure your Mission-Driven Impact Investment Strategies Meets your Mandate

Organizations are re-thinking the way they are investing in causes closest to their missions. Create a business case for philanthropic investment to drive value and returns. Master the success factors to:

  • Focus on sustainable initiatives that scale and have a local impact
  • Engage in direct investment initiatives though syndicate partnerships that support impact investments
  • Invest in local-led initiatives that can create acceptable returns while furthering your mission
Maximize your mission-related investment strategy while driving results

Day 2: Dec 3, 2020