Nancy Lee

General Manager

Nancy joined the Desjardins Foundation in 2012 and has been overseeing its operations since 2017. She led the organization’s expansion over the last decade, developing programs and partnerships to enhance the impact of its actions.

Prior to that, Nancy worked with another branch of Desjardins Group, Assistel, where she participated in the development of innovative assistance services.

She also did freelance work providing expertise to charities to implement programs or guide their activities. She has also been an active board, committee, and jury member for several causes over the years, particularly related to education or poverty reduction and inclusion.

Nancy is driven by the conviction that together we can make a difference to help develop stronger communities. This belief guides her and her team as they work to contribute to young people’s academic success and accompany Desjardins’ members and clients to achieve their philanthropic goals.

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Day 1: Oct 13, 2021

3:10 pm

3:10 pm

Industry Expert Panel: Desjardins Global Asset Management

Panel Discussion: Assessing the Role of Fixed Income in Your Tactical Asset Allocation Strategy

Fixed income strategies are essential as a hedge. Prepare for your next big move as we examine which fixed income strategy would best fit into your portfolio. Join in as our panel looks at 3 key areas you need to be aware of:

  • Economy: Fixed income investment is fraught with hazards these days, including ample credit and interest-rate risk-taking amid rising inflationary pressures. Assess how to manage and mitigate this risk.
  • ESG: Properly assess and manage ESG risks in helping making investment decisions with conviction within the Fixed Income space.
  • ETF: How to take advantage of investing in this vehicle which provides liquidity and cost efficiencies.

Diversify your portfolio with an effective fixed income investment strategy.

Day 2: Oct 14, 2021