Gwendolyn de Guzman

Senior Advisor, Business Development and Client Relations Department

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Day 1: Oct 13, 2021

3:10 pm

3:10 pm

Industry Expert Panel: Desjardins Global Asset Management

Panel Discussion: Assessing the Role of Fixed Income in Your Tactical Asset Allocation Strategy

Fixed income strategies are essential as a hedge. Prepare for your next big move as we examine which fixed income strategy would best fit into your portfolio. Join in as our panel looks at 3 key areas you need to be aware of:

  • Economy: Fixed income investment is fraught with hazards these days, including ample credit and interest-rate risk-taking amid rising inflationary pressures. Assess how to manage and mitigate this risk.
  • ESG: Properly assess and manage ESG risks in helping making investment decisions with conviction within the Fixed Income space.
  • ETF: How to take advantage of investing in this vehicle which provides liquidity and cost efficiencies.

Diversify your portfolio with an effective fixed income investment strategy.

Day 2: Oct 14, 2021