Erica Barbosa Vargas

Global Head of Innovation & Sustainable Finance

Erica is Global Head of Innovation and Sustainable Finance at SecondMuse Capital, the financial and investment arm of SecondMuse. In this role, Erica is responsible for integration of sustainability practices and impact across all investment work and for the development of innovative financial mechanisms, including blended finance. The purpose of this work is to better connect large asset owners and investors with investment opportunities to advance the SDGs and the development of new economies around the world.

Erica joined SecondMuse Capital from the J.W. McConnell Family Foundation, where as Director of Solutions Finance she led strategies for financial innovation and integration of the Foundation’s financial assets to support social and economic system’s transformation. Erica spearheaded the Foundation’s impact investing practice, which includes a multi-asset impact investing portfolio ($130M AUM), blended finance approaches; and ESG integration within the Foundation’s endowment ($700M AUM). Prior to McConnell Erica had 13 years of global professional experience in the private sector and international development, primarily in Latin America, Canada and the UK. Erica co-founded Educating the Streets-Building Society, an award-winning program for capabilities development of youth and working children in Bolivia. She completed undergraduate studies in behavioral psychology and neuroscience, holds an MPA in Public and Economic Policy from the London School of Economics & Political Science. She specializes in innovation and systems dynamics for inclusive economic development.

An original from Bolivia, Erica is passionate about building a world in which every person has the opportunity and freedom to develop their full potential and one where we live in harmony with the planet.

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Day 1: May 3, 2023

Day 2: May 4, 2023

11:30 am

11:30 am



Practical implementable thoughts and ideas for making ESG work for institutional investment portfolios beyond purely environmental considerations.

Beyond the environmental decisions, foundation and endowments are facing the S for social commitments. Indeed, ESG is no passing fad in this modern era but rather a movement not dissimilar to other movements that mankind has faced. Triage your challenges and use the S to your social, financial and operational advantage by:

  • Reviewing the top down implications of ESG
  • Responding the social pressures with thought leadership
  • Working up new processes which encourage diverse thinking and improve financial performances.

Transition your portfolio to address climate change and achieve a social return on investment.

1:45 pm

1:45 pm


Bringing blended finance to life

Blended financing can be strategically used to mobilise additional finance towards sustainable development. The challenge is to co-ordinate this method to achieve best outcome. The step by step process includes:

  • Optimizing financial and impact performance by bringing together different investor types
  • Working with investment committees, instituting transition, while respecting institutional goals
  • Who bears the cost when implementing ESG and impact management and measurement?