Emily Rowe

Senior Manager

Emily Rowe is an experienced leader with a strong background in organizational governance, corporate social responsibility and social justice. She holds a Master of Science from the University of Birmingham and her professional career has led her to Blue Door Support Services as the Senior Manager of Social Enterprise on the Construct team. She previously worked for The Home Depot Canada Foundation spearheading TradeWorx, a coalition bringing together Trades based Employment Social Enterprises across Canada. In her volunteer capacity, Emily has sat as a Volunteer Manager for both municipal and federal campaigns and a board member for Big Brothers Big Sisters.

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Day 1: May 3, 2023

Day 2: May 4, 2023

2:45 pm

2:45 pm


Designing multi-disciplinary analysis when assessing investment opportunities into Social Purpose Organizations (SPO’s)

For foundations and endowments, making impact investments into organizations of various legal structures, thematic focuses, in long-established strategic environments, whom are innovating true systems-change-level interventions poised to generate competitive returns, can be complicated. The Sector team will present on its methodologies and approaches to enabling capital-flows to social purposed organizations and feature two of their favorites:

  • Adopt best practices to re-evaluate traditional asset allocation
  • Increase exposure to hedge fund opportunities
  • Support risk-return profiles that exploit fixed income securities

Diversify your portfolio through developing your hedge fund strategy to make the best of a volatile market.