Brian Katz

Director of Finance

Brian, a CPA, has been involved in the professional services, health, education, media and technology sectors for the past 25 years focused primarily on strategic planning, finance, operations and executive leadership.  In his past roles, his mandate was also to finance, manage and grow new business initiatives and foster strategic alliances.

Brian is a passionate and driven advocate for data driven research, social innovation and entrepreneurship working with small and mid-sized organizations, primarily in national and international not for profit and for profit sectors with multiple public and private stakeholders and funders. He believes in the power of storytelling and building equitable, community driven initiatives working at companies such as YWCA Canada,  Outward Bound Canada, Ontario First Nations Technical Services and Strategic Coach Inc.

He has been a volunteer advisor for a number of Non Profit/Charitable organizations, including, MARS Discovery District in Toronto, World Wildlife Fund and Conservation International in South East Asia, India and Nepal; Feed it Forward in Toronto; and The Emma Foundation in London England, where unique digital media programs were created for positive progressive change involved in financial and strategic advisory, budgeting, branding, marketing and mentoring.

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Day 1: May 12, 2022

3:00 pm

3:00 pm


Delivering High Returns to Delivering High Non-Financial Returns

YWCA Canada has increased its exposure to impact and ESG investment through social housing focused on combating gender-based violence. Deliver on your mission by adopting the latest strategies in social impact and ESG investment. Advance your ESG impact strategy by:
  • Choosing your investment selection criteria as it aligns with your mission
  • Delivering above market returns while achieving your mission objectives
  • Creating new partnership opportunities to extend your reach and capitalize on more varied asset classes

Create positive returns and social impacts through mission-aligned investment strategies.

Day 2: May 13, 2022